Porter Cable C3151 Air Compressor – Reliability Time After Time

The Porter Cable C3151 Air Compressor is a fantastic piece of kit which guarantees outstanding performance when used along numerous air and pneumatic tools, even in the toughest conditions.

All that said, this Porter Cable air compressor even with its 4.5gal. air tank capacity is 100% portable and has an oil free pump making it incredibly durable and maintenance free. Due to its impressive tank capacity it can readily support the constant use of staplers and brad nailers as well as framing, finish and roofing nailers. เครื่องอัดอากาศ

As stated earlier this beast is unbelievably portable, complete with a full roll cage to give the pump and motor the necessary protection during transportation. It has a special carrying handle and a a slide handle to allow its 85lbs weight to be moved easily from project to project and comes with a mobility kit which includes wheels making moving this beast less strenuous.

However, possibly the most impressive aspect of the C3151 air compressor is the two port removable console which allows remote air regulation, allowing higher air pressure where ever you are working.

So, yes the Porter Cable C3151 is big, heavy and very loud but it is also extremely impressive. Do you know that by using a splitter you can easily run 3 or 4 guns simultaneously without any problems with reduced air supply?

Technical Stuff At A Glance:

* 4-1/2gal. storage capacity air tank.

* 150 PSI maximum tank pressure giving longer tool run time.

* Maintenance free and very durable due to its oil free pump design.

* Wheels for ease of portability

* Two quick connect couplers.

With the Porter Cable C3151 air compressor you can be certain to get through a lot of work in a shorter space of time. Why? Solely because with the combined 120-volt, two pole RPM capacitor and the 1.7 running horsepower youcan be assured you will always get maximum air delivery.

What do you get for your money?

*The Porter Cable C3151 air compressor

*A mobility kit

*A manual

Over heating can for some compressors be a problem, but, once again Porter Cable have ironed out this problem on the C3151 with a specially designed cooling system. This system consists of a fan which blows large amounts of air through a vent hole. Thus, even when the compressor is working to its full potential this cooling system will protect against over heating.

On a cautionary note however, it is extremely important that there are no obstructions which may cover the ventilation points around the unit, reducing the cooling air flow. To ensure maximum performance make sure that the compressor is placed at least 12 inches away from walls or any other possible obstructions.


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