Types of Wines

Australian wine, which is known for its delicate and fine taste, is the hottest one around. Whether it is the bold and strong Shiraz, or the eccentric stickies, the Australian grown grapes have no match in terms of taste and quality. Due to the hundreds of different kinds of varies being grown in different regions, wine lovers now have greater choice than ever before.

Wines can be classified on the basis three dimensions; the types of grapes used, the region where grapes are grown, and the production processes.

Bordeaux, Merlot, and Pinot Noir are some fine names which define the Red wine category. It is usually the best seller because of its rich, intricate, and fruity taste and aroma.

White wine usually has a light colour, ranging from transparent to light golden. It has sophisticated, but complex taste which has notes of various flavours.

Pinot Grigio
The wine made of this kind of grape is generally defined as a crisp light-bodied white. Although it originated from Italy, but now it has become the mainstream product of Australian wine industry.

Chardonnay is extensively being grown in many of Australia’s wine yards, making it Australia’s pride. In France, it was traditionally blended with Pinot Meuniere to produce classic Champagne. Its taste varies from herbaceous to sensational notes of citrus depending on the region and maturity of grapes. What differentiates Australian white wines from other imported wines is the fact that they are less buttery and carry dramatic notes of fine vanilla. It is popularly enjoyed with food because of its toasty flavour. visit:-https://www.juveycamps.com/cavas/

This fizzy and bubbly is for all those who want a little extra sensation. Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava are some of the known names which make up this category.

These wines have a higher sugar content and lower alcohol percentage. Available in both red and white, it is perfect for after diner sipping. Ice Wine is a more concentrated form of wine sweet wine.

Dessert wine or Stickies
Locally known as stickies, these dessert wines have a honey like texture and a slightly sweeter taste.
You can easily find the country’s most cherished stickies at wine shops in Australia.

It is a high alcohol content wine, which is fortified by adding spirit. Brandy, Port, and Marsala are some famous fortified wines.

It is by far the most admired Australian wine because it is best grown in Australia than anywhere else in the world. These grapes, which are widely used in red wines, have a distinct spicy mulberry flavour.

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