Why Are Concrete Grinding Machines So Popular?

As with any other specialized technique, grinding is a multi-step process requiring the use of the proper concrete grinding machines and equipments to achieve results. To help you get started, here is a brief overview of the grinding process. Each job will present different challenges, so be sure to consult with your suppliers for recommendations as to the products best suited for your application.

How They Work?

Grinders use rotating discs to perform a variety of projects, from light task to open the pores of the surface to the removal of oil, dust, paints and thin coatings. They generally leave behind a smoother surface, and virtually any surface you throw at them, they sap out glue, rubber back carpet residue, mastic, epoxy, paint, while delivering superior results and rates of removal that most competitors only dream of achieving. ใบเจียร

Grinding Attachments – Key to Versatility

The key to these machines versatility are the attachments available in a variety of types and grits to suit different applications. The same machine can grind edge and buff any concrete surface with just a quick and easy change of discs. Investing in an assortment of attachments for your grinder will allow you to perform a multitude of tasks with one machine. Regardless of the attachment you use, look for inserts or grinding discs that are easily usable. This will allow you to move more easily from coarser to finer grit levels.

Concrete Grinding Machines eliminate the need for hand grinding

The added advantage of the Concrete grinding machine is that it mitigates the need for hand grinding and having to feather in the edges with the rest of the floor. This allows for a professional, uniform finish without the signs of tool or hand impressions, throughout the project. Tradesmen are amazed and delighted with the ease of use and total customer satisfaction achieved with this machine.

Operator doesn’t fight the grinding machine – He runs it

Ease of Use and Low Maintenance

Grinding Machines can be operated with a minimal effort and require little training. Contractors will enjoy the benefits of the superior quality and low maintenance features.

For profiling work and removal of thin-film coatings or coatings with high hardness values, such as urethanes and epoxies, concrete grinding machines are generally the best solution. Other applications include polishing and removing minor surface imperfections. Many of today’s grinders can serve multiple functions. Other applications include breaking up deposits of grease, dirt and industrial contaminants and leveling uneven joints or high spots.


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